Innovative software
for electronic designer

Raphton analyser is an innovative software for electronic designer.

It enables designers to perform an exhaustive worst case analysis based on datasheet models using a fully automated process.

Built with the user in mind, Raphton’s ergonomic interface is meant to make it easier for every user, experienced or not, to interact with the assistant.


Main features

Raphton’s main purpose is to generate a worst case analysis report for any given schematic.

This report is fully customizable, in terms of content and layout.
Raphton performs the following worst case analyses for any given environment on operating points:

Voltage static analysis Performs a static voltage analysis
Current static analysis Performs a static current analysis
Power static analysis Performs a static power dissipation analysis
Threshold analysis Performs a static analysis, determining stimulis to reach target values
Drift analysis Performs an analysis to identify the behavior of the product when the temperature changes
System analysis Performs an analysis taking in account physical values (ADC values, luminous intensity, …)

Other features

Netlist import Spice Netlist text files import
Zuken import Zuken CAD files import (CR5000/CR8000)
Raphtonsheets library Resistor, capacitors, transistors, bipolar transistors, MOS, OpAmps, comparators, diodes, zeners, buffers, optocouplers, ADC, reference sources, LED, etc.
Suppliers selection The user can select components’ supplier for analysis
Unmounted components The user can mount/unmount components on the schematics
Word report generator Generation of the template-based word report
User management Creation and administration of user groups, access right management, user private working space