AccelaD announces DICE

A new generation analog simulation engine

AccelaD’s R&D team has achieved an outstanding performance, through the development of a new generation analog simulation engine: DICE.

DICE answers the massive need of simulation in microelectronics, driven by the increasing complexity of ICs.

Benchmarks show that DICE is up to x150 faster than SPICE, with a true SPICE accuracy. It allows reducing a 15 days simulation to 2,5 hours.

DICE brings a brand new approach to analog simulation, by replacing the usual matrix solving approach with AI and symbolic computation.

« All simulators used by analog designers today are based on SPICE, a 40 years old technology. As a hardware designer, I’ve always had the intuition that another approach was possible, embedding the recent improvements in AI and high performance computing. DICE is the result of the meeting of electronics, AI and mathematics expertise » says Yoann MESTE, founder of AccelaD and inventor of DICE.