Faster & Safer

Nicolas LEVEAU, Hardware module designer at Continental Automotive explains us how Raphton enhances productivity and prevents risks…

Continental Engine System Business Unit is part of the Powertrain Division. We design engine control units, with a high focus on reliability and robustness. To monitor and drive engines, each of our products includes a large number of inputs. In order to ensure engine performance, all these inputs must have a very high accuracy, whatever the working conditions (temperature, ageing, …).

I- Our Previous constraints

All these inputs are verified through worst case calculations, and the performance is documented in our product specifications. Until now, it was a tedious process, and documentation was done manually by the design engineers. For a standard product, it took an average of 5 days of work to complete all inputs specifications.

II- The observed benefits

The workflow to generate product specifications with Raphton is simple and quick, and has very few manual operations. We even saved more time by having a reuse approach in Raphton: the designers just pick existing blocks and tune them for their application. We use a common format for our inputs specifications, so the designers don’t have to create a document for each input: it is automatically generated by Raphton.

Today, this work is done 10 times faster: the generation of inputs specifications takes an average of 0,5 days, versus 5 days before.

On top of this, Raphton significantly reduces human errors and contributes to the harmonization of our methodologies and documentation. It also allows engineer to easily have an always up-to-date documentation whatever the changes performed in the schematics.

Nicolas LEVEAU, Hardware module designer, Continental Automotive