for design

Push your design limits :

  • Get exhaustive worst case analysis
  • Know where the weaknesses are
  • Build a better, more robust product

Raphton© solutions
scaled for your needs


Static analyses for simple schematics

Low analysis coverage

Simple schematics

Static performance

109 €
Monthly per user


Dynamic analyses for standard schematics

Medium analysis coverage

Standard schematics

Static performance

Dynamic performance

219 €
Monthly per user


Design assistant for complex schematics

High analysis coverage

Complex schematics

Static performance

Dynamic performance

Design assistant

329 €
Monthly per user

Be confident
in your product’s robustness
with Raphton© features


Worst case analysis

Raphton is natively built to perform exhaustive worst case analyses using a fully automated process

Component models

Raphton’s components models are built with datasheet information to ensure parameter’s accuracy and exhaustiveness


Our clients stories


Raphton significantly reduces human errors and contributes to the harmonization of our methodologies and documentation


Thanks to Raphton and its modeling technology, the component models have operating characteristics that are representative of the real components