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In Continental, when designing hardware, we put a lot of emphasis on product validation before proceeding to manufacturing. With Raphton, we can be sure that the product we are designing is robust, while significantly reducing the required workload and practically eliminating the factor of human error.

Yannick Leroy, Cluster leader, Continental Corporation

What is Raphton Analyzer ?

Raphton Analyzer is a software assistant for early detection of failures. It enables electronic design teams to have new capabilities for handling design improvements.

Raphton Analyzer generates a report that allows you to:

  • Get exhaustive worst case analysis
  • Detect where the weaknesses are
  • Build a better, more robust product



Improve product quality

  • Gain confidence in the robustness of your design
  • Avoid human error using a simplified workflow
  • Reduce quality alerts with an early detection of faults

Reduce development time and costs

  • Decrease designers’ workload by avoiding manual calculations
  • Eliminate bottlenecks by rapidly sharing key technical information
  • Shrink time to design from quotation to layout

Gain product insights

  • Obtain data previously unachievable due to complexity
  • Give your customers the detailed product information they need

Align methodologies

  • Employ a single tool across different teams and locations
  • Harmonize working methods
  • Get unified results independent from user expertise

How does it work?

Simply import your schematic, insert a template specifying the analyses of your choice and your report is ready with one click!

What is the difference between a Simulator and Raphton ?

Raphton is complementary to the use of a simulator,
It assists in the justification phase whereas a simulator is used during the phase of circuit design.

Raphton replaces manual calculations with tools such as Microsoft Excel and Mathcad.

What makes Raphton special ?

Worst Case Analysis

Raphton is natively built to perform an exhaustive Worst Case Analysis using a fully automated process.

Models Database

Instead of using SPICE models, Raphton Analyzer extracts data from component datasheets and ensures traceability.

Circuit Computing

Raphton Analyzer performs automatic differentiation instead of numerical differentiation thus increasing the accuracy of its calculations.

As a R&D hardware engineer, I've personally experienced the number of hours passed doing tasks without any real added value. With Raphton, my goal was to automate some of these tasks in order to enable engineers to create and innovate again!

Yoann Meste, Creator of Raphton and founder of AccelaD

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