for design

Push your design limits :

  • Get exhaustive worst case analysis
  • Know where the weaknesses are
  • Build a better, more robust product

Raphton© solutions
scaled for your needs


Static analyses for simple schematics

Low analysis coverage

Simple schematics

Static performance

109 €
Monthly per user


Dynamic analyses for standard schematics

Medium analysis coverage

Standard schematics

Static performance

Dynamic performance

219 €
Monthly per user


Design assistant for complex schematics

High analysis coverage

Complex schematics

Static performance

Dynamic performance

Design assistant

329 €
Monthly per user

Be confident
in your product’s robustness
with Raphton© features


Worst case analysis

Raphton is natively built to perform exhaustive worst case analyses using a fully automated process

Component models

Raphton’s components models are built with datasheet information to ensure parameter’s accuracy and exhaustiveness